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Isolating a Symptom

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Note from Mystery Man - Will continue to transcribe original ideas about isolation of a issue after I eat and take the cat on a walk.


Sometimes you can teach someone about the issue, avoid this with our clients please. And never ever forget, I have a wicked cool phone tree for a reason, if someone is being unreasonable please see our Louis' Phone Rules Here. Where you can learn how to dismiss a customer from the phoneline the right way!

Mostly we would like to know before even quoting anything,

Is this a problem actually with the hardware or software?

There are many ways to discern this and hopefully in a concise and very original free for the world to try GNU version will be posted here, I will admit I am a bit worried what jargon and words aren't owned so I will likely use a auto shop analogy for this short and simple lesson on how to know if a customer is worth our time.

At the end of the day we are a business and if a customer is willing to spend time money and effort on shipping us a problem, fine; but we can strategically filter out and even troubleshoot some important things before the customer even knows the next step we are taking.